An Interview With Misty Miller

I recently interviewed grungy songstress Misty Miller for The Student Times. Music journalism isn’t my forte, but if you’re a fan of Misty (she’s pretty cool, you should be) here’s the interview.

MIsty Miller interview


A few years ago Misty Miller was a blonde-hair, big-eyed teenager playing folksy-pop climbing the music ladder on her way to big success. She’s still on her way to a successful career, but at 20 years old, Misty has ditched her ukulele, dyed her hair black and changed her sound massively – now playing sludgy garage punk and hanging out in Brixton. Fresh off the Lock Up Stage and Reading and Leeds, I caught up with Misty, about her plans for the future, and what inspired her new look and sound.

Hi Misty! How are you?

I am… ok. My head hurts a little.

How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard it before?

Rip roaring surf-time devil dark blues pop

You put a lot of emotions into your lyrics – and your songs are very personal  – do you ever get emotional playing them?

 I do indeed. In fact, when i don’t get emotional or feel any emotional connection it frustrates me and i wonder why… then think the gig hasn’t has gone as well.

You’ve said before you think you have to be mad to be a musician, what do  you picture yourself as if music hadn’t worked out?

If it hadn’t ‘worked out’ i’d still be trying to make it work one way or another, even if it would be just playing open mics here and there. Then I guess any old job to make money, but i think my ‘career’ plan will never change.

You’ve had quite a dramatic change both style and musically since your teenage years – what bought this on?

Growth. Everyone goes through changes in their teenage years, nothing brought it on as such. I think if i was the same as i was when i was 15, something would be wrong with me. The change has been all me, and the label have had to deal with it!

Best gig you’ve ever played?

 Reading and Leeds were awesome. New band, better executed sound.. It felt really fresh which is so important.

Best gig you’ve ever watched?

Iggy Pop and the Stooges hands down.

What’s it like to tour with Jake Bugg?

 You don’t see him much, he occasionally mumbles ‘you alright, misty?’ ha. His crowd are great. I think they really get what i’m trying to do as a musician. And he’s got an awesome band.

Tell me about being shut down at the Great Escape?

 It was bullshit. First of all, we were not even playing that loud. And also the whole tent just seemed to be folk acts.. and i am not one of them. So note to promoters.. check out the artist your booking before you book them. At least we gave them a ‘fuck you’ and didn’t just back down when asked. It was our right to play!

What inspired the taxicab video?

 I just wanted to have fun. I didn’t want a boring video of people looking pretty. Though some of those zombies looked pretty tasty. The sexual tension in the kissing scenes was pretty intense. And the gore was nice and messy.

What instruments do you play?

 Guitar and my yamama synth. You can check that out in action on youtube.. My side project with my mate Luisa called Kinky Twist. We have great merch too which i’m gonna plug. Original prints of our tits on t shirts.

Do you have a writing process? What’s the inspiration for your lyrics?

I have a few different processes, i try not to go by process and you never know when inspiration will strike. My lyrics are usually autobiographical on some level. I twist them and play with ideas sometimes though.

Reading or Leeds?


How many tattoos do you have? Which is your favourite?

 Around 26 .. Most of them are stick and poke.. Which I did myself or friends have done. My left arm/hand looks like a school pencil case that someone has doodled on. My favourite changes,  but at the moment its ‘ma vie’ which my old drummer did for me on tour.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

Iggy Pop.

What’s next for Misty Miller? What are your plans for the future?

When this album is released a huge weight will be lifted off my soul! I can’t wait to release that next year. All in good time, though. Then hopefully get on tour with my band. We all just wanna play!


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