I’m sorry I’ve abandoned my blog, but I need sleep occasionally

Well, what an insane first term it’s been.

I’ve just returned home for Christmas following my first term of my Second Year at University, and boy oh boy it’s been hectic. As a result, I’ve kinda –  okay completely – ignored my blog – I’m sorry wordpress, I really am. After retiring to bed to hibernate from some pretty severe sleep deprivation for a few days – I will be back, and I will be publishing the backlog of my articles since October, and some fresh ones too. I do need to rest for a few weeks, and I will rest a little bit, most of my Christmas will be revision for January exams, (student life is great).

For those of you that don’t know me, I study Politics and Economics at the University of Southampton, when I’m not studying my degree I’m doing one of my several amazing jobs which include:

– Social Media Officer at Chamberlain JCR (the halls I was in first year)

– Head of Events and Socials at Southampton University Politics Association

– Politics Editor at Wessex Scene (the Official magazine for the University of Southampton)

– Head of News at Surge Radio (the radio station for Southampton students)

– Political Editor at the Student Times

– Editor-in-Chief at Student Beans Southampton

– Student Brand Ambassador and Writer at the I Paper/Independent. 

Balancing all these things with a degree, family life, and social life, and freelance writing and broadcasting has been a struggle – but also insanely fun, even if it’s lead me feeling very anxious at times, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Appearing on SUSUtv at Media Day!
Meeting the incredibly polite and lovely Greg James at SRA 2014!

I’ve had work experience at the Times, which was incredibly eye-opening to the industry I want to go into.

I’ve also written for Wessex Scene, Kettle, the Student Times and The Edge magazine to name a few, I’ll also soon be published in the Indy (woo!). And dressed up as a robot and wrapped for the Surge Christmas single, the video will be live soon (yes, really).

This term I’ve been to the Student Radio Awards (where I won some free wine for taking a Selfie, thanks Nick Grimshaw!), two regional Student Publication Association training weekends, which all have been incredibly useful and fun, speaking to journalists and experts in the Industry is always a pleasure and insanely insightful – the Creative Industries careers season

I’ve also organised  a Battle of the Bands event, the #isessions, as part of my job at the I. This means I’ve recruited 5 of the best acts at my Uni, and ran a charity gig. At the moment, their all being featured on the Independent’s website. Another part of my job is sampling papers, meaning I spent a day giving out 1000 i papers on campus, tiring but rewarding as hell.

The term started off of course with me organising freshers week for Chamberlain JCR, a constantly tweeting about it. This led to now of my photos being used by a club professionally, not bad! The term ended with me organising another event – the humanities and social sciences ball, without a doubt the biggest event of the year and super rewarding to be a part of.

Popworld in Freshers 2014!
Surge at Bunfight 2014!

One of the most fun things I’ve done this term, is be involved in Surge Radio, I’ve presented two shows Dandie, and Two Hats, as well as producing the Breakfast show and the News Show. I also produced the Christmas light switch on, which was so much fun!

So this is my attempt at an excuse for not blogging for a month or so, but I’m back!


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