Student Beans Southampton

This term, I’ve launched a website.

Last summer I interned at Student Beans, one of the biggest student websites in the UK – I then got a job as ‘Editor-in-cheif’ and also launcher of ‘Student Beans Southampton’. Similar to the main site, but with Southampton specific articles.

As the only editor of this site – it’s been crazy, editing every single article, and writing a lot of them myself. Here are some of my top picks from the term.

1) Southampton students in National Competition 

2) 10 delicious and secretly healthy desserts to procrastibake this christmas

3) 17 reasons to fall in love with a Southampton student

4) 13 incredible beauty hacks for busy students

5) 13 things joint honours students are sick of hearing

6) Students to protest calling for scrapping of tuition fees

7) 9 things you should never say to someone who doesn’t like bacon

8) 14 signs you take your halls rivalry too seriously

9) 17 thoughts everyone has their first time in Jesters

There are loads others too, by my amazing team of writers – but these are the tops picks of the ones written by yours truly, I hope you enjoy!


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