2014 I will miss you

I’m not usually one to use this blog to actually write about myself – I’m more one for sharing articles I write for other places. However, 2014 was one helluva year, and definitely worth sharing, so here’s a collection of photos – throw the narcissistic comment my way.


My year started off with exams, bleughhh – the part of University which I probably pay least attention to, my actual degree.

However,I took over as social media officer for Chamberlain JCR, and organised Refreshers – including a trip to Playzone, and a lot of post-exam partying, which was a lot of fun. I also celebrated a lot of #TBT moments as it was a 24th Jan marked my one year anniversary for leaving on an adventure to China.




#tbt leaving for china, #oneyeatago today! #throwback #china #中国 #回家 #想

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The degree continued and a little thing called elections happened where I completely grew in love with Surge Radio and student media. The month started with an absolutely brill trip to see Ben Miller’s The Duck House at Vaudeville Theatre.



I also got a visit from my best gal from home, and we took over Southampton in style obviously.


I also visited home, learned to become a master baker, and had some serious bonding time with this little man.



Surge went on FM – and I had an interview and Live Lounge with the incredible Inno Genga off of Youtube.

You can listen back to the Podcast here

A little thing called Elections happened, which was insane but also a lot of fun – you can here Surge’s coverage here.


The start of the month was Elections night live!

And of course St David’s Day

#stdavidsday #daffodils from my mumma #thanksmum #beaut 😊😘

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March was also the month I was elected as Events Secretary for SUPA (Southampton University Politics Association).

As well, I practiced some insane pancake flipping skills

#pancakeday #tosser

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And of course, the Surge Awards!



Most of April was spent crying into my textbooks back home in Newbury over the Easter holidays in order to get that all important 2.1 for first year (lol).

It also included a superb trip to the Student Radio Conference at NSR, in Newcastle #suchfun.

Where we had a lot of drinks and dancing, as well as some very informative times

CHRIS SMITH WITH THE NEWS #sracon #GregJames #ChrisSmith #RadioOne #Newcastle

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And I, of course, invaded NSR, where the start of my beautiful friendship with Dan began, and Dandie was born.

Invading NSR! #newcastle #sracon #surge #southampton

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I like to pretend I'm Britney. #ImASlave4U #SRACon #BurmesePython

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And I starred in a little video for Radio 1!

I also had a lovely reunion with the ladies I went to school with, including this wonderful home-made afternoon tea.



And one of many wonderful trips to Oxford to see my other half.


After exams I returned to Uni and had did one of the best shows ever – Chatterbox does Mean Girls

You can listen to the podcast here.


May has hectic! Exams, exams, exams – but not all bad.

I regained my inner 10 year old and went crazy in going to see McBusted



I was also elected Political Editor of Wessex Scene, and Head of News for Surge!

And I cuddled a cute puppy as part of SUSU’s stress less fest.


And at the end of exams I had an early celebration of my 20th birthday by dressing up as a Mermaid and going to Popworld

economics girls take #popworld last night #birthday #20 #minniemouse #littlemermaid #batgirl #birthdaycelebration1

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My first year of University finished in June! But it was still pretty hectic, but a lot of fun!

I did my first ever DANDIE – with my partner in crime Dan Linstead, and did my first solo surge show too.

In the #studio all day doing #SRA entriesss. #StudentRadio #Surge #Edit

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And I did a crazy news show with my news wifey Dimple.

I also DJed at SUSU’s grad ball – where I also interviewed the lovely Simon Webbe




I celebrated my nephew’s second birthday


And went on to a Radio Academy masterclass at DMU in Leicester

And celebrating turning 20 by going to see the incredible Dirty Dancing and having afternoon tea (and cocktails, and cake, and pizza and coffee and rum)



I became political editor of the Student Times!

And landed a job as a local editor at Student Beans, which included some experience at Student Beans HQ!

I also moved out of Halls – and moved into my Uni house, with some fabulous people.

It's so sad seeing my room this empty 😦 goodbye Chamberlain, see you in September! #sususnaps

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August was a house move, a holiday to Bude, and I moved into a new uni house! I also took my boyf to see Liverpool vs Brussia Dortmund, went to see the Lion King, and spent a lot of time baking and drinking.


Hey Bude, how you doing? #cornwall

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Bude-iful #bude #cornwall #holidayspam #beach

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Posey, glowey, grumpy and smiley. (Wild Lime and the 4 dwarfs) #cocktails

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I went to see #thelionking at the Mayflower last night and it was bloody marvellous. #recommend #canyoufeelthelovetonight

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September was crazy! I went to Prague, which was marvellous – returned to University for media training week, which was invaluably useful…and freshers which took my life. I helped move hundreds of Freshers into halls, and looked after them on nights out I organised for 6 whole weeks.  While promoting Surge, Wessex Scene, and SUPA. I also landed a job a little place called The Independent, as a student brand ambassador for the i paper – and started working as a University editor for Student Beans – which lead to the launch of Student Beans Southampton! I also launched 2 new Surge shows – The News Team show, and Dandie. As well as joining the Breakfast show, and Two Hats, and recruiting people for lots of societies.

Chilling with Surgio the Hedgehog. Reppin @surge_radio at the Bunfight yesterday! #SurgeForLife #StudentRadio

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Me being edgy in Prague #LennonWall #prague

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Pedalo-ing in Prague

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Ice bar fun

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Look book making today

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OB-ing from Glen today #sususnaps

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A mum gave us chocolate for being so helpful #moveinweekend #JCRlife #fresherrep

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October was fun too – I attended the Wessex Scene relaunch party, went to see Wicked – Chamberlain swiped the floor at the JCR awards, and I gave out 1000s of i papers as part of a sampling day!

Exhausted from a day of giving out 1000 i papers #promolife

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Proud of chambers sweeping the floor at the JCR awards tonight! #repawards2014

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I also attended the SUSU Fresher’s Ball, and DJed, as well as writing a cheeky review for Wessex Scene and interviewing my childhood idol – Bradley Macintosh of S club fame!


November was awesome – it started off with a week of Work Experience at the Times.

So sad it's my last day at The Times! Been such a good week, let's hope for more to come! #internlife

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And more journalism with the SPA training weekend

I also went to a little event called the SRAs – and won an award (best selfie, but still totally counts) and met a a guy trying to make it in Radio called Greg James.



I also ran an event called the #iSessions – where 5 southampton bands played at SUSU’s bridge to raise money Homeless Veteran’s – all the bands are featured here.

Eee, soooo close! THE BRIDGE NEXT MONDAY PEOPLE! https://www.facebook.com/events/876924558987038/

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I also DJed at the University of Southampton Christmas light switch on – and went to the a few Creative Industry Careers season events!

#TEQUILA CI Careers season launch!

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I also had a wonderful weekend in Oxford celebrating Sam’s 21st.




The start of the end was marvellous, starting with the fabulous Christmas Ball for Social Science and Humanities students – which I helped to organise.



And swiftly onto the SPA South East conference, which too was fab.

Not long after I was back home hibernating/revising/eating excessive amounts of Christmas food, and occasionally going outside and seeing other humans. A big surprise came on Christmas day after being named in one of the HuffPost’s student journalism stories of the year.

I bought in the New Year in Oxford.

1380022_10204387483380103_5495377992552996173_n 10402724_10203490764492112_4014243300209537497_n 10447639_10205408562672235_8923975193376759225_n 10565225_10205319353922072_1669006622282834942_n 10686745_10205410870689934_8080628894188455293_n 10858100_10152506277538199_5014658187015214282_n 10885384_10205447912935967_6236045466562140887_n 10898055_10152475179950825_1339705267554570161_n



It has been a crazy, fun year with a lot of learning – let’s hope 2015 is a revoluntionary.




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