Shisha Bar Opens in Portswood

A £1.3 million shisha bar has opened on Portswood road, creating nearly 50 jobs in Southampton. 

Aroma Lounge will compete will Sprinkles and Scoops serving a plethora of gelato flavours, as well as a restaurant and nearly 30 different flavours of shisha. It will be open every day between 8am and midnight.

Aroma Lounge’s owner, Faz Rabanni, who studied Economics at the University of Reading is already looking to expand, and is looking at plans to build two more shisha bars in Hampshire.

Rabat told the Daily Echo:

“I have always been to different shisha places across the country and Southampton has been missing something like this.

“It is very good for the local economy both in Portswood and in Southampton; I do not think there is anything like it on the south coast.”

Shisha is a water-pipe, popular in the Middle-East and North Africa, in which fruit flavoured tobacco is burnt and is inhaled through a hose, after being passed through a water vessel.

There are many health risks associated with smoking Shisha, similar to those that come from smoking cigarettes. According to the British Heart Foundation, one ‘puff’ of shisha is equivalent to smoking a whole cigarette. Further research by the World Health Organisation has suggested that one “session” of shisha, which typically last between 20 and 80 minutes, is equivalent to smoking 100 cigarettes.

Speaking to the Daily Echo, Rabinni addressed these health concerns, urging people to ensure they exhale the smoke rather than inhale it. Aroma Lounge has also hired a team of ‘shisha experts’ to  ensure customers are not doing anything detrimental to their health.


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