Happy Valentine’s Day! Get some free chocolate in the library…

Facebook page, entitled University of Southampton: Hartley Treasure Hunt has been established posting clues of how to find hidden chocolate and sweets around the library. The page was established 15th January after  “long sessions in Hartley fighting hunger and boredom whilst attempting to reach deadlines or cram for exams”. 


The page, now with over 800 likes, so far has shared pictures of 10 different sweet treats, accompanied by “Treasure Hunt” note. Its description entails “If there’s two things students love, it’s excuses to procrastinate and free chocolate. We’re bringing both of those to Hartley. So take a break from revision and join us on our very own library treasure hunt! From time to time small prizes – sweets, chocolates and other gifts – will be hidden around Hartley. Like our page for the latest clues!”

The benevolent innovators told Wessex Scene: “The concept of a ‘treasure hunt’ in the library seemed like nice idea. We decided to try our hand at philanthropy and create the facebook page, and so far it’s been great to see the reactions from other students.”

They also hope to continue the page for “as long as possible” and the team behind the treats already have high ambitions:

We’re in our second year and hope to keep the page going right up until graduation, when maybe we’ll pass it on to some younger students – who knows! We have loads of ideas for the page and are looking at ways it could be used to help fundraise for charity. We’re also hoping to offer more significant prizes in the future with the support of local businesses.

The team also plan to remain anonymous for the foreseeable future.

We see no reason to reveal ourselves and like to think that there’s a bit of mystery around our identity. What’s more, it’s much easier to hide things if other students don’t recognise us. We receive enough strange looks as it is!


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