Another (academic) year over…

I’ve got into the terrible habit of never updating my blog. This started out as an easy place to put all my journalistic work, so when graduation comes looming I can send it out to every single human in the industry in the hope of getting a job in this crazy buyers’ market. I’ve now got to the point that it seems a little silly to share a news story I wrote in March on here (even it was a fab news story, for any potential employers reading this). I’ve not been ignoring the world of wordpress out of laziness, it’s because I’ve been SO DAMN BUSY. I know I wrote a post akin to this at Christmas…but the end of the academic year is here, and I am now dropping lots of my committee positions (cry) but also picking up some bigger and better ones (woo!), so here’s a little (or rather large) summary of what I’ve not been putting on my blog.

As always, my semester as always started of with a horrible set of exams, but ended on a high, when one of my pieces about the General Election was named as HuffPost’s Student Journalism Stories of the Year. After some terrible exams were over, I plunged straight back into my life as a wannabe journalist and continued my radio show Dandie with my dear friend Dan Linstead, continued the Surge News Team show and started a new show, Wessex Scene on Surge, as well as guest starring and featuring on lots more shows.

As Head of News at Surge, it’s my job to head of coverage of the Student’s Union elections. I started planning these in November (they happen in March). The planing paid off, with Surge having it’s best year ever – with some fabulous marketing, such as this bingo sheet,

and a fabulous behind the scenes video from one of Surge’s finest. Check her stuff out on YouTube, it’s awesome.

Elections also had a lot of interviews with all the candidates running for sabbatical positions, formal shows, informal shows and more, you can check them all out here. 

During the crazy month of elections, I was also helping out with Wessex Scene’s coverage and running for a position myself. Thankfully, it all paid off and on Elections Night Live I was elected Editor of Wessex Scene for 2015/16, a position I officially start on 1st July. It goes without saying I am VERY excited to get started. The coverage from both Surge and Wessex Scene was incredible, and I’m very proud of being involved.

I also headed up the General Elections coverage for Surge, which has A LOT of hard work, but so rewarding. The innovation, and pure excitement and enthusiam for those in student media never ceases to amaze me. Overnight on May 5th, Surge broadcast as the results rolled in, including this excellent radio play from the mastermind of Toby Leveson (starring yours truly as the Green Party candidate).

I organised interviews for both Wessex Scene and Surge Radio with all the candidates running in Southampton’s three constituencies (give or take a few who failed to turn up). These were really rewarding and churned out some excellent content, you can read the Wessex Scene interviews here, and listen to the Surge Radio ones here.

For Wessex Scene, we also had a whole General Elections issue, with some fab interviews, infographics, profiles and opinion pieces, we also had an awesome live-blog on Elections Night, which went down really well.

We also had a lot of online content, and some big interviews. Thanks to my position at the Student Times, I bagged interviews with Nick Clegg, and Natalie Bennett.

The enthusiasm and passion from student writers was overwhelming, and Wessex Scene had some fantastic general election coverage, including a live blog on elections night live. We had some great content too after the election, especially the live blog of the debate between Lib Dem leaders, and interviews with both Norman Lamb and Tim Farron.

I’ve also entered the big bad world of real journalism this year, and I’ve been published in the Independent, and the i100. I also had work experience at Southampton’s local paper, The Daily Echo, where I attended court, wrote a load of NIBs (News in Brief), sat in on interviews, took lots of voxpops and wrote lots of pieces.

I also tried to be super cool and cultural this year and went to lots of talks, some by journalistic giants such as Jeremy Paxman and some of the awesome New Statesman Live events.

I’ve also conducted a tonne of interviews this year, with some big name politicos (as mentioned above) but also some more ~kewl~ bands like S CLUB (hello, never had a dream come true, ’til the day that I met Jo O’Meera)


I also interviewed some sabbatical candidates, and got some ~exclusives~ such as the Union spending a small fortune to improve the Union space.

As my role as Events Secretary for Southampton Uni’s Politics Society (PoliSoc, formerly SUPA) I organised the House of Cards premier to be shown in the Union Cinema, which was awesome!

One of my highlights of the year was Surge’s 48 hour marathon

which raised over £600 for Teenage Cancer Trust and SUSU RAG, an amazing feat.

Unfortunately, the second 24 hours of the 48 hour marathon, was ruined by the Cereal Killer Cafe, but every cloud has a silver lining, and the news piece I wrote on it, won me Best News Coverage, at the SUSU media ball!

It was such an honour to get this award, as well as winning Best Interview for my interview with Matt Chocqueel-Magnan, and Wessex Scene winning Best Department!

I’ve had a great year and can’t wait to work with the new Wessex Scene committee

even if it means not taking up a second term in my roles at Student Beans (now Hexjam), Surge Radio, PoliSoc, Chamberlain JCR and more. Although I will be joining HexJam academy when it starts up next year!

Being recognised both nationally, being shortlisted for SPA awards, and Union volunteering awards have been fab! I’ve also helped direct and present for SUSUtv, which is something completely new, that I can’t wait to get more involved with, and I’ve started writing for the Edge, and the National Student!

I’ve also had some time off this year to enjoy myself, and had some magnificent days out,

Diagon alley. #weasley

A post shared by Bridie Pearson-Jones (@bridiepjones) on

Monday funday

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and I turned 21!

So, onwards and upwards – I’m now off to enjoy a couple internships and travel the world this summer, look out for some blog posts all about it!


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