17 Items Guaranteed to Make Your Uni Bedroom Awesome

If you’ve just started at Southampton, or you’re an old timer moving into a house or halls, making your Uni bedroom nice can be transformative to your mood at Uni. Some nice homely touches can up make you happy, and also just make people think you’re really cool. 

Here are Wessex Scene’s top 17 items to make your room awesome.

1. Bed Covers


Cool bed sheets, covers, duvets or blankets can make a room. American retailer Society6.com do some awesome ones, but they’re usually slightly out of the average’s students budget.


Places like IkeaPrimark and Tesco offer some awesome cheap alternatives.


2. Wall Art


Posters, photos, throws, canvases, even your own paintings (if your landlord is nice enough) can really change a dingy, damp room into a beautiful, homely place to rest your head. Be sure to look out for poster sales during Freshers’ week.

3. Rug(s)


Whether it’s to cover up a stain, or just add some colour, rugs are a great way to brighten up a dull room.

4. Photos

A way to remind you of home (and to record those drunken memories now Jesters has a Photo Booth).

5. Coffee Machine

Jesters the night before a 9am lecture is possible, with the help of our friend caffeine. Also, this is kind of essential for those times you leave 5,000 word essays to do in one night.


6. Pillows

Bedroom in a modern house - home interiors.

Makes your bed more comfortable and your room nicer!

7. Blankets


Heating is expensive, save your pennies and the environment by getting a cool blanket on top of your duvet (plus, it’s great for when friends come to visit).

8. Book ends


Pretty self-explanatory, so your books don’t fall off the end of your shelf.

9. Speakers


Great for pre-drinks and movie marathons – an essential for University.

10. Mini Fridge


Keeping a few small items in your room can save you that long walk to the kitchen (and protects your Coke’s from thieving flatmates).

11. Photo frames


12. Fairy lights


Great for movie nights, a romantic setting, or just chilling.

13. Bunting


There’s always a reason to celebrate.

14. Calendar


Like a boy scout, a way to always to be prepared.

15. Motivation


Essential for all nighters.

16. Piggy bank


A couple of quid a week can really add up by the end of the year.

17. Home nostalgia 



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