Food Thieving Among Housemates at an All Time High

Have you ever had food stolen by a housemate? Or perhaps you’re the sneaky one who nicks your friends milk? 

Well you’re not alone, 63% of students in the UK admit to having food stolen by housemates whilst at university. 

Some students have become so annoyed that they are resorting to setting up ‘booby traps’ or putting laxatives in their food in order to stop their housemates habits, according to refrigeration company Husky Retail who conducted the survey.

Students are buying their own mini fridges for their bedrooms to store their chilled foods in such as milk, butter and cheese, the three most commonly stolen goods.

The top five methods students have resorted to in order to protect their food are:

  1. Labelling items with their names (40%)
  2. Bought a fridge for their room (31%)
  3. Bought a lock for their cupboard (24%)
  4. Left a warning note (i.e. Hands off!) (23%)
  5. Counted/measured items (18%)

Male students admitted to being the worst food thieves with 47% being more likely to borrow food whilst only 41% of female students admitted the act.

However, only a quarter of 55-64 year-olds surveyed said they had thieving housemates when they were students, perhaps our parents’ generation are just less thieving.

Fortunately, Southampton didn’t make the top 10 for amount of food stolen from housemates. Three capital cities topped the table. Belfast came out the worst with 71% of students admitting to taking someone else’s food, followed by Dublin (55%) and London (50%).  Students in Norwich are the most trustworthy, with only 32% admitted to having their food stolen.

The top 10 cities for taking their housemates’ food are:

  1. Belfast (71%)                                                        6.  Glasgow (45.3%)
  2. Dublin (55%)                                                          7.  Edinburgh (42.1%)
  3. London (51%)                                                        8.  Cardiff (42%)
  4. Leeds (50%)                                                           9.  Liverpool (41%)
  5. Birmingham (45 %)                                            10.  Bristol (39%)

Originally published in Wessex Scene. 


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