95% of Female Students Have Been Touched Inappropriately On A Night Out

New survey of over 5000 young people has revealed that 95% of women have said they have been ‘touched inappropriately’ on a night out. 

However, only 44% of male respondents said lad culture was to blame, and less than a quarter of men admitted to groping women on nights’ out. 77% of the survey respondents said ‘lad culture’ was plaguing Universities.

One respondent to the survey, described multiple incidents on nights out

  I’ve had hands stuck up my dress, my boobs grabbed, my bum grabbed, I’ve been pulled towards people and jeered at all because I’m a girl.

The findings have come shortly after the National Union of Students’ study revealed how 61% of its first year students were not aware of their Universities procedures to report sexual harassment incidents. The NUS have been working over the last five years to get national attention for the discussion of sexual harassment at Universities.

For more information on how to report a sexual assault in Southampton, contact the Advice Centre or any of the numbers here. 


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