BREAKING: Evacuation At City Gateway

City Gateway Halls were evacuated at 2.30am this morning when a fire broke out in one of the kitchens on the fifth floor.

The fire started when a resident had left the hob on and heat spread to the kitchen sideboard, catching fire. Wessex Scene understands that heat from an unattended electric hob that was left on was causing a smouldering which burnt the work top surrounding the hob. The fire brigade who evacuated the building as standard procedure. The kitchen was checked and the situation was resolved in 30 minutes and everyone was allowed back into their rooms.

Crews from St Mary’s and Redbridge fire stations spent 30 minutes using a positive pressure ventilation fan to clear smoke from the room.

It is believed no one has been injured.

Speaking to the Daily Echo, a representative from St. Mary’s fire station said:

We are reminding people not to leave cooking appliances left on and unattended for long periods of time. Fire starts when your attention stops.

Speaking exclusively to Wessex Scene, a spokesperson for the University said

We would like to thank the residents for their patience and co-operation and to the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service for attending and we would also ask for all residents of University accommodation to continue to be vigilant regarding fire safety.


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