How To Turn Your Wifi Password Into A QR Code

Home is where the wifi is, or so they say. We’ve all been there when, at pre-drinks, someone brings their Spotify playlist and insists on putting it on the speakers yet their 3G isn’t good enough – and you have to scramble behind the sofa to find the wifi code while all you really wanna do is get a cold beer. 

Well fear no longer my friend, we have a quick, easy and efficient way to get a wi-fi password, all they have to do is scan a code. In four easy steps.

Step 1. Gather your wifi details, you’ll need the network name and password.

Step 2. Locate a QR Code Generator.  and Zing project, and this blog  are good choices, or if you’re doing from your phone, download an app (lots are available on iOS and Android), and do it from there.

Step 3.  Follow the instructions on the website, it’s probably as simple as filling in the details.

Wifi QR code

Step 4. Download and print.

Then trick your friends into thinking you’re a tech god.


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