Scoops, Surveys & FOIs.

I love news journalism, here are some of the scoops from my time in student journalism that I’m most proud of. They’ve come from self-produced surveys, investigating, FOIs (among other techniques).

These are just the stories with my byline, I launched, assisted and investigated many more in my role as Wessex Scene Editor.


Arson Investigation Following Sobar Fire.  I was the first to break this story following a tip-off.



Anonymous Benefactor hides Chocolate around Hartley Library. (Shortlisted for the best student media of 2015 by the SPA).


Southampton man hangs Xenophobic christmas message – I was the first to pick this up that consequently got picked up by nationals.


Outrage as SUSU Give Precedence to ‘Obnoxious Money Making Scheme’  Over SURGE Radio’s 48 Hour Charity Marathon. Won “Best News Story” at Southampton University Media Awards, and shortlisted for “Best News Story” at the SPA Awards. This story was hugely influential and ended up  changing Union policy.


Marriage Proposal at Southampton Graduation Ceremony – I broke this story, that was subsequently picked up by dozens of nationals.


Southampton Students work the most hours – and socialise the least.  Although this was from NatWest data, I extrapolated this and was the first to pick it up.


Southampton Conservatives Back Vote Leave. I was the first journalist to pick this up (from Twitter).


The University of Southampton wants to be Exempt from FOI requests. I picked this up from a government Green Paper (and consequential petition) which was then picked up by many local rival papers.


Southampton Student injured in Spanish Bus Crash  – a huge story that I broke before any nationals (naming the student, not the crash itself). Dozens of nationals picked up details from my story and journalists from nationals got in touch with me regarding this story. This won “best news story” at Southampton University Media awards. Where judges described it as “a classic piece of news journalism carried out with speed and accuracy” with “just the right sensitivity about what was a tragedy for many families, as well as a lucky escape for Tallulah. It speaks volumes that many other news outlets picked up facts and quotes from this report”. Another judge said “Bridie did an amazing job beating all the nationals. The story has a strong human interest angle relevant not only to Southampton but the whole nation, proving the importance of regional press. Bridie’s contacts with Tallulah made this article better than anything a national paper could have produced. She handled a sensitive subject very well and got all the relevant quotes necessary for a complete story.”


Murder Investigation Launched on Westridge Road. I broke this story, the first of dozens of news outlets in Southampton. This then got picked up by dozens of nationals.




Big Southampton Survey

As editor I launched ‘the big Southampton survey’ which yielded dozens of great stories, here are some.